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Our Local

OLC helps local businesses, the local economy and changes the lives our most vulnerable neighbors.

The Critical Importance of Local 

Mainly for convenience we choose to spend billions of dollars of financial capital outside of our local economic ecosystems (online shopping and retaining professional service firms with no presence in our communities). The result is a depletion in the number of locally focused, innovative businesses being built that would otherwise contribute to a more vibrant and resilient local economy, a lack of jobs, a slowing of the velocity of capital, and even greater levels of vulnerability for many neighbors and residents.


The resultant effect of the above is an exponential increase in internal migrations away from historically vibrant and important American communities. 

What is OLC


OLC is a local online e-commerce platform that allows local businesses to build or replicate online stores for free. Every product or service listed has a unique ranking that guides the shoppers on how much of their money remains in the local economy when they buy a product or service. They are also able to filter Products and Sellers by ownership and social group ... (like woman owned, LGBTQ+, etc.) 

OLC engages with vulnerable residents of the communities it is in to be Ambassadors for the site by simply socializing it through their local networks. Each Ambassador receives a unique identifier that shoppers use when they check out. Of the on average 10% commission that OLC receives from businesses on the platform, 60% is given to the Ambassador responsible for the sale. This is NOT multi-level marketing in any shape, way or form.  

Who We Are

OLC purpose is to rebuild the fabrics of our local communities by providing a single platform that helps every stakeholder, segment, sector, and resident (especially the most vulnerable) within any community. Our "Bottom-Up" approach also helps local businesses and economies, making communities more resilient and sustainable. 

OLC was very fortunate to be guided by the professionals at In Place Impact (a company which is a shareholder in OLC) as it was the founder of that company who co-created the global platform of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference".

Taking our lead from the designs of In Place Impact, OLC provides its platform on a licensed basis so that the capital generated within a community remains in the community. There is an upfront fee to license and launch the platform, and a 2% royalty on revenues. Thus 98% of the revenues generated remain in the community where it is embedded. 

OLC's power of scale is centralized so that all products and services are available in every community where the platform is present. 



In 2019, the residents and business of Charleston, SC, sent over $800 million of capital out of the city's economic ecosystem. The money was spent on online shopping (over $100 million was spent through alone), and by retaining professional service/consulting firms with no presence in their community.

Charleston, SC

Home of our flagship Store launched in 2021

Join Us

Join Us

Because it is important that each of our communities retain as much economic vibrancy as possible, OLC has chosen to license its platform to residents of communities that wish to embed it and benefit from it. 

Thee is an upfront build and launch fee of $5,000, followed by an annual 2% royalty on all revenues generated by the platform. 

Licensing OLC

The steps to license OLC are as follows:

1. Complete the Application Form

2. Set up an hour Zoom with Mr. Vishal Patel (

3. Complete 4-hours of training

4. Execute the licensing agreement and pay the build and launch fee

IPI AM t150.png

OLC is In Place Impact Accredited which means that our executives truly embrace Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit for Purpose. 

The organization is designed and run in a way that benefits every stakeholder.

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